Area 41

Area 41


Per 3.5 g (1/8 oz)

Available order quantity: 1/8 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/2 oz, 1 oz, 1/8 pound, 1/4 pound, 1/2 pound, 1 pound


Alien labs area 41

Area 41 created by alien labs as a combination of Galeto 41 and lemon fuel OG. Alien labs area 41 strain is an award winning marijuana weed strain with a lemon fruit and cedar. You can order buds of this cannabis plant directly or check other high THC strains from our shop. Packaging is in airtight tins and with a seal. Thus with you open your tin you should get a fresh aroma that should arose anxiety to smoke. Area 41 has a good earthy sweetness though it is super pungent and gassy. Reviews online.


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